Design for an unidentified church

M119 Design for an unidentified church

Date: c. 1895
Authorship: Authorship category 1 (Mackintosh) (Mackintosh)

This project is known from two drawings given to the Mackintosh scholar Thomas Howarth by Andrew Graham Henderson, who became John Keppie's partner following Mackintosh's departure from Glasgow. 1 The drawings, which show the N. elevation and half the W. elevation of an unidentified Gothic Revival church, may represent a stage in the development of a competition entry by John Honeyman & Keppie (the firm's cash book suggests they submitted an unsuccessful design for Oban Parish Church in 1892, and possibly for Coldstream West United Free Church in 1906, and it would be surprising if they did not enter other church competitions). 2 The gabled W. front has an eight-light Tudor-arched window, very wide in proportion to its height, like the W. window of Queen's Cross Church. It is framed by octagonal turrets with shallow, domed caps, echoing Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street, London, by J. D. Sedding (1838–1891) and Henry Wilson (1864–1934). The nave has shallow lean-to aisles, apparently windowless, with small clerestory windows above, separated by buttresses. The transept has another wide Tudor-arched window, and there is an attached hall behind the square E. end.

Authorship: The style of the draughtsmanship appears to be Mackintosh's, and the use of motifs derived from Sedding and Wilson is found in other designs by him, such as his 1892 student design for a Railway Terminus.

Status: Unknown


1: Sold Christie's, London, 17 February 1994, lot 80.

2: The Hunterian, University of Glasgow: John Honeyman & Keppie / Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh / Keppie Henderson cash book, 1889–1917, GLAHA 53079, pp. 15, 103.