Design for an unidentified house

M120 Design for an unidentified house

Date: c. 1895
Authorship: Authorship category 2 (Mackintosh and Office) (Mackintosh and Office)

This project is known from two elevational drawings presented by Andrew Graham Henderson to the Mackintosh scholar Thomas Howarth. 1 The drawings show a substantial Scottish Baronial house of two principal storeys plus basement and attic, with a lower service wing to one side. There are no identifying inscriptions, and it is not known if the house was built, but it bears a family resemblance to several large houses designed or altered by John Honeyman, such as Skipness House, Achamore House and Cowden Castle, Dollar. 2 It could be a suburban villa, but the fall of the ground and the prominent balcony make a seaside location more likely. One elevation has an oriel window derived from the much-imitated 16th-century one at Maybole Castle, Ayrshire, which Mackintosh sketched in 1895. 3 The other has a polygonal bay window with the balcony on its flat roof. This recalls John Honeyman & Keppie's 1889–91 additions to Dunloe, Wemyss Bay, while the detailing of the balcony, with elongated knots of carving at its angles, resembles the 1893–4 tower of the Glasgow Herald building.

Authorship: The provenance and the style of draughtsmanship indicate that the drawings are by Mackintosh. The unusual detailing of the balcony suggests he may have contributed to the design, rather than simply carrying out the instructions of Honeyman or John Keppie.

Status: Unknown


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