Alterations to Govan Manse

M172 Alterations to Govan Manse

Address: 517, Paisley Road West, Glasgow
Date: 1899
Client: Govan Parish
Authorship: Authorship category 4 (Office) (Office)

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The following information about M172 has been extracted from the job books:

Job book: 53061
Page: 181

Client: no data in job book


Contractor Type Date Value Accepted

Payments (trades):

Name Type Payment out sum

Payments (suppliers):

Name Service Payment date Payment sum
George Hamilton no data in job book 28 September 1899 £103 8s 2d
George Adam & Son 'Iron grille' 10 November 1899 £5 5s 0d
John Bryden & Sons 'bells blinds gasolier etc.' 10 November 1899 £43 1s 0d
H. L. Anderson & Co. 'painter work' 10 November 1899 £79 16s 9d
John Smeaton no data in job book no data in job book £3 16s 0d