Alterations to 11 Prince's Gardens, Dowanhill

M280 Alterations to 11 Prince's Gardens, Dowanhill

Address: 11, Prince&apo;s Gardens, Glasgow G12 9HR
Date: 1907–8
Client: George Stout
Authorship: Authorship category 4 (Office) (Office)

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The job books of Honeyman & Keppie (later Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh) are now held by The Hunterian, University of Glasgow and include four volumes related to the Mackintosh period. The books were used by the firm to keep a project-by-project, day-by-day record of contractors, suppliers and expenditure. The name of a project and/or client is usually at the top of the left-hand page, followed by information about tradesmen who tendered. The name of the measurer (quantity surveyor) is usually at the top of the right-hand page, followed by information about payments to contractors and suppliers. All of the data for M280 is entered in the tables below.

Page numbering is not consistent in the job books. Sometimes a single number refers to a double-page spread and sometimes each page is individually numbered. Here, each image of a double-page spread is identified by the number given at the top of the left-hand page. (Images of all of the pages from the four job books can be found at Browse Job Books, Visit Book and Cash Book.)

The following information about M280 has been extracted from the job books:

Job book: 53062
Page: 151

Client: George Stout


Contractor Type Address Date Value Accepted
James Ingleton & Co. plumber George Street 1907 £39 0s 0d 1 yes
(12 June 1907)
Robert Russell plumber Byres Road 1907 £40 0s 11d no
Arch Low plumber 78 Merkland Street 1907 £37 1s 11d no
John M. Newlands painter 17 Gibson Street H[ill] H[ead] 1907 £112 0s 0d no
Archibald Stirling painter 503 Springburn Road 1907 £115 0s 0d no
McCulloch & Co. painter 152 West Regent Street 1907 £112 8s 0d no
J. B. Bennett & Sons painter 50 Gordon Street 1907 £152 10s 0d no
H. L. Anderson & Co. painter 233 St Vincent Street 1907 £110 0s 0d yes
(14 June 1907)
Brown Primrose & Smyth electric lighting 68 Gordon Street 1907 no data in job book no
Osborne & Hunter electric lighting West Regent Street 1907 £68 0s 0d 2 yes
(12 June 1907)
John Findlay & Co. electric lighting no data in job book no data in job book £61 18s 0d for work 'in steel tubes'; £55 2s 0d for work 'in lead wiring' no

Payments (trades):

Name Type Payment out sum
James Ingleton & Co. plumber Payment date: 3 October 1907
£40 8s 0d 3
H. L. Anderson & Co. painter First installment: 25 May 1908
Final installment: 17 June 1908
£231 0s 0d
Osborne & Hunter electric fittings Payment date: 14 November 1908
£69 15s 0d 4

Payments (suppliers):

Name Service Payment date Payment sum
James Milne & Son electric fittings 25 May 1908 £35 8s 3d



1: 'electroplating to be settled later'.

2: Including £58 10s 0d for work 'in steel tubes'; £4 10s 0d for 'erection of gas fittings only', 'not including wiring holders lamps blocks etc.'; £5 for '38 Robertson lamps, Edison holders & blocks'. Tenders apparently not accepted for £52 for work 'in lead wiring' and for 'wiring portable fittings, 3 yds. flexible plug, key swich lamp holder, shade ring & Robertson lamp' at £7 6s 0d 'each'.

3: For 'plumber work, stair rods & repairing roof'.

4: Including £58 10s 0d ; £1 5s 0d for 'wiring for extra plugs in Kit[chen] & Din.[ing] R[oo]m' ; 10s 0d for 'altering [illeg.] of tubing'; £9 10s 0d for 'wiring & connecting up fittings'.