Student design for a science and art museum

M029 Student design for a science and art museum

Date: 1890
Authorship: Authorship category 1 (Mackintosh) (Mackintosh)
February: The trustees of the British Institution Scholarship fund announce their intention to select five scholars (two in painting, and one each in architecture, sculpture and engraving) and to award scholarships of £50 tenable for two years. The announcement includes conditions of qualification. 1
6 August: At a meeting of the trustees, the recipients of the two painting scholarships and that in sculpture are agreed. The scholarships in architecture and engraving are not awarded. 2
31 October: Mackintosh's British Institution Scholarship competition entry, a design for a museum of science and art, is published in the British Architect. 3
Mackintosh's designs for a museum of science and art and a public hall are each awarded a silver medal in the annual South Kensington Department of Science and Art National Competition. 4


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4: Mackintosh was also awarded two 'third or highest grade prizes' for further work. It is not known at this time what these two works were. Glasgow Herald, 24 August 1891, p. 8.