Proposed village, Killearn

M299 Proposed village, Killearn

Address: Killearn
Date: 1909?
Authorship: Authorship category 1 (Mackintosh) (Mackintosh)

One of Mackintosh's sketchbooks contains two rough plans of groups of cottages at the Stirlingshire village of Killearn. 1 The first, inscribed 'Proposed village at Killearn, Stirlingshire', shows a symmetrical pair of buildings on the main road, flanking the entrance to a forking lane of semi-detached cottages. The site appears to lie behind a continuous terrace of cottages running at a right angle to the main road. The second plan is more formal, with 22 terraced cottages arrranged in a square bisected by a path. The plans are undated; the drawings either side in the sketchbook are dated 1909, which may provide an indication of when the plans were drawn. Neither the client nor the precise location is identified. It is not clear if they have any connection with Auchinibert, the house Mackintosh designed at Killearn for F. J. Shand.

Authorship: The sketches are by Mackintosh and they are inscribed in his hand.

Status: Unbuilt


1: The Hunterian, University of Glasgow: GLAHA 53014/19 (M299-001); GLAHA 53014/22 (M299-002).