Competition design for Glasgow Art Galleries (towers)

M057 Competition design for Glasgow Art Galleries (towers)

Date: 1891–2
Client: Association for the Promotion of Art and Music in Glasgow
Authorship: Authorship category 2 (Mackintosh and Office) (Mackintosh and Office)

Colour photograph of perspective, 'British Architect', 26 August 1892, pp. 154–5

John Honeyman & Keppie produced three designs for the competition for a new art gallery and museum building in Kelvingrove Park. One design was in a severe Ionic classical style; the second was French Renaissance-inspired, with four towers and a busy roofline; the third was also French Renaissance, with a large dome. It has previously been said that the Ionic and domed designs were submitted in the preliminary round of the competition, and that the design with towers was produced for the final round. However, contemporary reports and the competition organising committee's minutes show that all three designs were submitted in the preliminary round. The Ionic and towered designs were among six short-listed, and they advanced unchanged to the final adjudication.

Authorship: This design has been attributed to Mackintosh on stylistic grounds. Its plan and elevations refer to contemporary work by architects he admired, the design of its sculpture and the draughtsmanship all suggest his work. 1

Status: Unbuilt


1: David Walker, 'The Early Works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh', in Nikolaus Pevsner and J. M. Richards, eds, The Anti-Rationalists, London: Architectural Press, 1973, p. 117; David Walker, 'The Glasgow Years', in Wendy Kaplan, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, New York & London: Abbeville Press, 1996, p. 125.