M001Student design for a town house in a terrace1888unbuiltunbuilt
M002Alterations to Camis Eskan, Craigendoran1888–9; 1894–6; 1914standing building£1363 17s 3¼d
M003Anderson's College Medical School1888–90; 1895–6standing building£9866 4s 7d
M004Student design for a mountain chapel1888unbuiltunbuilt
M005R. Wylie Hill & Co.1888–9standing buildingno data
M006Alterations to Rosslea, Rhu (Row)1888–9standing building£140 14s 2d
M007Addition to 140 Bath Street1889demolishedno data
M008Miller family monument, Glasgow Necropolis1889–90standing structure£295 5s 6d
M009Student design for a Presbyterian church1889unbuiltunbuilt
M010Alterations to 1 Rowallan Quadrant1889standing building£235 8s 7d
M011James Sellars monument1889standing structureno data
M012Alterations to Craigton House, Fintry1889–90demolished£462 16s 9d
M013Geilston Hall, Cardross1889–90; 1911–14standing building£1654 18s 6d
M014Additions to Free West Church, Greenock1889–90demolished£192 13s 4½d
M015Alterations to Kilarden, Rosneath1889–90standing building£277 17s 0d
M016North Berwick Free Church1889–91; 1896–c.1897standing building£2438 18s 7½d
M017Additions to Craigrownie Church, Cove1889–90standing building£797 11s 9½d
M018Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd offices1889–91standing building£16457 2s 9d
M019Additions and alterations to Greenock Sugar Exchange1889–90demolished£1904 6s 11½d
M020Design for tenements, South York Street and Govan Street1889unbuilt?unbuilt
M021Alterations to 60 Virginia Street1889–90standing building; interior altered£62 0s 6d
M022Additions and alterations to Aberfoyle School1889–91standing building£418 4s 2d
M023Dunloe, Wemyss Bay1889–91standing building£7238 11s 5d
M024Additions and alterations to 3 Grosvenor Terrace1889–90; 1903standing building; altered; stables and motorhouse demolished£2681 9s 1½d
M025Sir William Pearce monument in Craigton Cemetery1889–1demolished£1214 1s 6d
M026Skin and Hide Market1889–91; 1891–2standing building; partly demolished£16679 6s 10d
M027Student design for a public hall1889–90unbuiltunbuilt
M028Additions and alterations to Belhaven Church1890–1; 1898–9; 1904; 1913standing building£1190 6s 3½d
M029Student design for a science and art museum1890unbuiltunbuilt
M030Reordering of Glasgow Cathedral choir1890–3standing building; interior altered£535 1s 5d
M031Provost lamps and alterations at 1 Lilybank Terrace1890–2; 1899–1900standing building; interior altered£485 4s 9d
M032Addition to Rhu Parish Church1890–2standing building£1332 10s 11½d
M033Gravestone for Chief Constable Alexander McCall1890–1standing structureno data
M034140–142 Balgrayhill Road1890standing buildingno data
M035Alterations to 17 West Regent Street1890; 1913demolished£86 6s 0d
M036Prince of Wales coat of arms for Wylie & Lochhead1890not extant£17 7s 11d
M037Memorial to Dr William Chrystal in Glasgow Cathedral1890–1partly extant in new location£330 0s 0d
M038Competition design for workmen's dwellings, High Street and Rottenrow1890–1unbuiltunbuilt
M039Alterations to Abercorn Parish Church1891–4standing building£1590 15s 8d
M040Auchencraig, Largs1891–3; 1894; 1895–6standing building£4663 6s 9d
M041Alterations to Bank of Scotland buildings1891standing building£548 5s 6d
M042Additions and alterations to Bellevue, North Berwick1891–2standing building£2266 6s 7½d
M043Alterations to Gargunnock Parish Church1891–2standing building£375 11s 6½d
M044Restoration of Iona Cathedral1891; 1903–7standing buildingno data
M045Chapel at Loretto School, Musselburgh1891–2standing building£2612 12s 3d
M046Design for alterations to 119 Argyle Street1891demolishedno data
M047Alterations 61 Bishop Street1891; 1898demolished£675 16s 3d
M048Furniture for East Kilbride Parish Church1891standing building£33 17s 6d
M049Alterations to Dunrowan, Rhu, Argyll1891standing building; work untraced£170 0s 0d
M050Design for alterations to Melbourne Villa, North Berwick1891standing building; alteration unbuiltno data
M051Design for addition to The Cliff, Wemyss Bay1891–2standing building; alteration unbuilt?no data
M052Alterations to Bridge of Allan Public School1891–2demolished£176 19s 5½d
M053Canal Boatmen's Institute1891–3demolished£3994 6s 4d
M054Student design for a chapter house1891unbuiltunbuilt
M055Competition design for Glasgow Art Galleries (dome)1891–2unbuiltunbuilt
M056Competition design for Glasgow Art Galleries (Ionic)1891–2unbuiltunbuilt
M057Competition design for Glasgow Art Galleries (towers)1891–2unbuiltunbuilt
M058Additions and alterations to Prestwick Free Church1891–2; 1895–6standing building£1034 9s 9d
M059Memorial to Sir James Watson in Glasgow Cathedral1891unknown£511 0s 0d
M060Addition to West Free Church manse, Helensburgh1891–2standing building£149 9s 10d
M061Design for Carrick Church1891–2unbuiltunbuilt
M062Design for memorial to Anderson1891–2unknownno data
M063Additions and alterations to 220 St Vincent Street1891–2standing building; interior altered£904 1s 3½d
M064Skelmorlie Parish Church1892–5standing building£5072 13s 11d
M065Design for a memorial for Dr Peter Low, Glasgow Cathedral1892unbuiltunbuilt
M066Alterations to 18–24 Jamaica Street1892–3standing building; alterations removed£123 11s 0d
M067Inspection of 122–4 Canning Street1892–3standing buildingno data
M068Grain stores, Cheapside Street1892–3demolished£16046 7s 0d
M069Additions and alterations to Craigie Hall1892–3; 1897–9standing building£3292 8s 0d
M070Student design for a railway terminus1892unbuiltunbuilt
M071Additions and alterations to Glasgow Art Club1892–3; 1912standing building£3948 4s 9½d
M072Glasgow Herald buildings1892; 1893–9; 1902; 1905–7; 1909–10; 1911; 1913–16standing building£77396 3s 3½d
M073Competition design for Manchester Municipal Technical School1892unbuiltunbuilt
M074Alterations to Bellahouston Church1892standing building£478 14s 6d
M075Alterations and additions to 42 Miller Street1892–3; 1897–8standing building£347 9s 5d
M076Addition and alterations to Morland, Skelmorlie1892–4; 1895standing building£2628 0s 1d
M077Old Kilpatrick Parish Board Offices1892–4standing building£1157 11s 2½d
M078Additions and alterations to St Thomas Wesleyan Methodist Church1892–4demolished£1842 15s 5d
M079Additions and alterations to The Glassert, Aberfoyle1892–3standing building£1615 19s 4½d
M080Bridge of Allan Quoad Sacra Church hall1893–5standing building£1254 12s 2d
M081Design for addition and alterations to Castlemilk House1893demolishedno data
M082Hall at Dean Park Parish Church1893–4demolished£1057 2s 1d
M083Additions and alterations to Gourock Central School1893–4standing building£1544 14s 6½d
M084Alterations to 171 Sauchiehall Street1893demolished£13 0s 0d
M085Alterations to Tower Buildings1893; 1901standing building; alterations removed£50 19s 6d
M086Addition and alterations to Cowden Castle1893–4demolished£2055 0s 11d
M087Design for alterations to Edgehill1893standing building; alterations presumed unbuiltno data
M088Additions to 34 Carrick Street1893–4demolished£179 11s 9d
M089Addition to Dovehill Public School1893–5demolished£3505 8s 0d
M090Additions to 41–51 South Albion Street1893–4demolished£268 4s 0½d
M091Conservative Club, Helensburgh1894–5standing building£3505 12s 10d
M092Additions to 110–118 Holm Street1894demolished£142 10s 4d
M093Additions to 21 North St Mungo Street1894demolished£117 10s 0d
M094Queen Margaret College Anatomical Department1894–5partly demolished£4835 15s 8d
M095Restoration of St Michael's Church, Linlithgow1894–6standing building£806 1s 6d
M096Alterations to Buchanan Memorial Church1894demolished£192 10s 2d
M097Additions and alterations to Skelmorlie School1894demolished£1130 7s 8d
M098Alterations to The Knowe1894standing building£149 12s 6d
M099Alterations to Bluevale Church1894–5demolished£293 12s 0d
M100Alterations to Free Church, Kirkcudbright1894standing building; interior remodelled£205 4s 11d
M101Restoration and alterations to Largo Parish Church1894–5standing building£2540 1s 7½d
M102Competition design for Royal Insurance Company offices1894–5unbuiltunbuilt
M104Additions and alterations to House of Shelter for Females, Whitevale Street1895; 1900partly demolished£568 2s 5d
M105Martyrs Public School1895–7standing building£9565 12s 8d
M106Competition designs for Paisley Technical School1895–6unbuiltunbuilt
M107Halls at Free Church West, Perth1895–6standing building£2528 4s 10¼d
M108Alterations and additions to 179 Bath Street1895; 1898; 1902–3standing building; additions demolished£831 19s 7d
M109Alterations to Dun Holm, Skelmorlie1895–6standing building£225 12s 9d
M110Additions and alterations to Queen Margaret College hall of residence1895–6; 1908standing building£1647 2s 4d
M111Alterations to 401 Sauchiehall Street1895standing building; shopfront removed£285 10s 11½d
M112St Paul's Church mission hall and beadle's house1895–6demolished£1635 13s 0d
M113Additions to 25 Balmano Street and 8–12 Tarbet Street1895–6demolished£196 8s 0½d
M114Additions to 61–65 Dale Street1895–6demolished£158 0s 0d
M115Inn at Lennoxtown1895unbuilt?unbuilt
M116Alterations to Lyndhurst, 1 Winton Drive1895–6standing building£202 15s 0d
M117Hall at St David's Church, Kirkintilloch1895–6standing building; altered£958 1s 1d
M118Organ case at St Michael's Church, Edinburgh1895extant£109 7s 0d
M119Design for an unidentified churchc. 1895unknownno data
M120Design for an unidentified housec. 1895unbuiltunbuilt
M121Additions to 12–18 Forth Street and 65 Water Street1896demolished£159 1s 7d
M122Alterations to Girls' House of Refuge, Maryhill1896demolished£248 19s 4d
M123Alterations to Kilmadock Parish Church, Doune1896standing building£547 12s 6d
M124Pettigrew & Stephens1896; 1899–1901; 1903–7; 1909–10; 1913–15demolished£42145 5s 5½d
M125Queen's Cross Church1896–9standing building£7212 12s 7½d
M126Repairs and alterations to Achamore House, Gigha1896–7standing building£5895 14s 6½d
M127Alterations to Chapelton Reformatory for Girls, Bearsden1896–7demolished£505 14s 1d
M128Alterations to Craiglea1896–7standing building£1320 9s 8d
M129Musicians' gallery, Grand Hotel1896demolishedno data
M130Additions to Saracen Tool Works1896–8; 1902–3largely demolished£2896 11s 9d
M131Alterations to 151 St Vincent Street1896–7; 1899–1900demolished£793 15s 1d
M132Competition design for Belfast City Hall1896unbuiltunbuilt
M133Manse at Biggar1896–8standing building£2386 1s 8d
M134The Glasgow School of Art1896–9; 1903–6; 1907–9standing building£47418 1s 7½d
M135Additions and alterations to Altskeith, Kinlochard1896–9standing building£1835 12s 1½d
M136Bellahouston Dispensary1896–9demolished£4457 15s 5d
M137Factory for British & Foreign Aerated Water Co. Ltd1897–1899standing building£5359 10s 10½d
M138Alterations to Kilmacolm Manse1897–8demolished£497 18s 2d
M139Alteration to Nairn Parish Church1897standing buildingunbuilt
M140Alterations to Collingwood, Partick1897demolished£63 19s 4d
M141Gartconner Public School, Kirkintilloch1897standing building£867 10s 7d
M142Alterations to Sandyford, Paisley1897demolished£24 9s 0d
M143Additions and alterations to tenements in Water Street and Crawford Street1897–8demolished£475 17s 4d
M144Alterations to West of Scotland Furniture Manufacturing Co.'s works, Beith1897–1900demolished£1005 5s 11d
M145Additions to Hall-Brown, Buttery & Co.'s works1897–1899demolished£3925 5s 4d
M146Alterations to 3 Montgomerie Crescent1897–8standing building£1412 1s 5d
M147Gravestone for James Reid, Kilmacolm1897–8standing structureno data
M148Addition to 11 Berkeley Terrace1898standing buildingno data
M149Alterations to Mayfield, Skelmorlie1898standing building£145 0s 0d
M150Redlands, Bridge of Weir1898–9standing building£3067 3s 1d
M151Alterations to Cathcart Free Church1898–9standing building£208 2s 10d
M152Ferndean, Barrhead1898–1900standing building£2615 14s 3½d
M153Competition design for the Glasgow International Exhibition 19011898unbuiltunbuilt
M154Alterations to 11 Margaret Street, Greenock1898demolished£867 3s 2d
M155Alterations to 256 West George Street1898standing building, alteredno data
M156Design for a cottage, Bridge of Weir1898unbuiltunbuilt
M157Addition to 12 Clairmont Gardens1898–9standing building£984 16s 6d
M158Drill hall at St George's Road School1898demolishedno data
M159Additions and alterations to 233 St Vincent Street1898–1900demolished; woodwork refitted£1474 8s 2½d
M160Memorial to Mrs Burns in Glasgow Cathedral1898extant£38 10s 0d
M161324–328 Gallowgate1898–1900demolished£3135 19s 4½d
M162Design for additions and alterations to T. B. Fotheringham's premises1898; 1901unbuilt?no data
M163Competition design for National Bank of Scotland1898unbuiltunbuilt
M164Addition to 13 Professors' Square1898–9standing building£133 2s 8d
M165Alterations to Skelmorlie Bank[1898]demolishedno data
M166Alterations to Westbourne Free Church1898standing building£34 0s 0d
M167Additions and alterations to Gourock Parish Church1899–1900standing building£2316 15s 7½d
M168Addition to J. & T. Hodge's premises1899demolished£ 775 0s 0d
M169Ruchill Free Church Halls1899standing building£3212 9s 10d
M170Alterations to 14 Lansdowne Crescent1899–1900standing building£272 16s 10d
M171Additions to 53 Muslin Street1899demolished£91 5s 5d
M172Alterations to Govan Manse1899demolished£235 6s 11d
M173Alterations to office of Patriotic Assurance Company, 101 St Vincent Street1899standing building£28 6s 8d
M174Design for an artist's house and studio in the country1899–1900unbuiltunbuilt
M175Design for an artist's town house and studio1899–1900unbuiltunbuilt
M176Restoration of Brechin Cathedral1892–1901standing building£12813 9s 8d
M177Alterations to Queen's Rooms1899–1900standing building; alterations untraced£46 5s 0d
M178Design for a country mansionc. 1899–1900unbuiltunbuilt
M179Miss Cranston's Lunch and Tea Rooms, Ingram Street1900–1; 1904–5; 1907–8; 1909–10; 1911; 1911–12standing building; interiors removed 1971£5077 5s 7½d
M180Alterations for Queen Margaret College Settlement Association1900–1902demolished£447 6s 3d
M181Addition to 224 St Vincent Street1900–2standing building; altered; addition demolished£4417 19s 8d
M182Daily Record building1900–1; 1903–4standing building£12442 14s 7d
M183Dunottar, Kilmacolm1900–1standing building£2479 11s 11d
M184Stand for Francis Smith, Glasgow International Exhibition 19011900–1temporary£7 7s 0d
M185Stand for Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow International Exhibition 19011900–1temporaryno data
M186Stand for Messrs Rae, Glasgow International Exhibition 19011900–1temporaryno data
M187Stands for Pettigrew & Stephens, Glasgow International Exhibition 19011900–1temporary£227 5s 0d
M188Room setting for the Eighth Exhibition of the Vienna Secession1900temporaryno data
M189Windyhill, Kilmacolm1900–1standing building£3208 15s 5½d
M190Moving ancient stones at Govan Parish Church1900–1monuments extant£65 11s 8d
M191Competition design for a house for an art lover1900–1unbuiltunbuilt
M192Design for an unidentified churchc. 1900–2unknownno data
M193Alterations to Cathedral Square United Presbyterian Church1901standing building; alteration unbuiltunbuilt
M194Alterations to 73 John Street1900demolished£167 9s 0d
M195Competition design for Glasgow & West of Scotland Technical College1901unbuiltunbuilt
M196Addition and alterations to Aytoun House1901–3standing building£3728 0s 3d
M197Addition and alterations to 29 Hamilton Drive1901standing building£298 10s 0d
M198Survey of warehouse, 102–108 London Road1901unbuiltunbuilt
M199Auchenbothie gate lodge, Kilmacolm1901–2standing building£507 10s 1½d
M200Workmen's housing, Tulloch, Perth1901–2standing buildings; some demolished£5322 17s 1¼d
M201Scottish section for the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Art, Turin1901–2temporaryno data
M202Alteration to 3 Lilybank Terrace1901–2standing building; fireplace removed£38 11s 6d
M203Competition design for Liverpool Cathedral1901–2unbuiltunbuilt
M204Alterations and additions to Monktonmiln, Prestwick1901–3demolished£4096 17s 10½d
M205Additions to Eglinton Foundry1902–5partly demolished£8339 12s 8½d
M206Alterations to Fairlie Cottage1902–3standing building£565 13s 2d
M207The Hill House, Helensburgh1902–4standing building£6652 3s 0d
M208Music salon for Fritz Waerndorfer, Vienna1902–3standing building; interior alteredno data
M209Headington, Bridge of Weir1902–5standing building£2899 4s 8d
M210Addition to Paisley Free Library and Museum1902–4standing building£6870 17s 10d
M211The Mary Acre, Brechin1902–4standing building£2046 9s 6d
M212Room setting for the New Style exhibition, Moscow1902temporaryno data
M213Competition designs for University of Glasgow Natural Philosophy and Medical Buildings1902unbuiltunbuilt
M214Additions and alterations to 202 Bath Street1902–3partly demolished£1781 1s 0½d
M215Alterations to Cameron Parish Church1902standing buildingno data
M216House at Kilmacolm1902unbuiltunbuilt
M217Additions and alterations to Mavor & Coulson Engineering Works1902–4; 1905–6: 1911–16demolished£9989 9s 11d
M218Alterations to 16 Victoria Crescent1902–4standing building£357 0s 1d
M219Alterations to Miss Cranston's Lunch and Tea Rooms, Buchanan Street1903standing building; altered£184 19s 0d
M220Queens Park West United Free Church1903standing building£140 10s 0d
M221Willow Tea Rooms1903; 1906; 1916–17standing building; partially reconstructed£4524 19s 11d
M222Alteration to 2 Athole Gardens1903–4untraced£5 10s 0d
M223Dining room for the A. S. Ball exhibition of modern furniture, Berlin1903–5temporaryno data
M224Bedroom for the Dresdener Werkstätte exhibition1903temporaryno data
M225Memorials to Rev. and Mrs Duncan at St David's Church, Kirkintilloch1903extant in new location£62 1s 9d
M226137–143 Sauchiehall Street1903–5standing building£14,391 4s 9d
M227T. & R. Annan & Sons1903–4; 1911standing building£6253 8s 10½d
M228Plan of Skipness House1903partly demolishedno data
M229Auchterarder Parish Church and hall1903–5standing building£6175 7s 1d
M230Shop, flat and offices, Comrie1903–5standing building£1008 1s 6d
M231Alterations to Gadgirth, near Annbank1903–4demolished£10538 2s 4½d
M232Alterations to 6 & 7 Royal Crescent1903standing buildingsno data
M233Scotland Street Public School1903–7standing building£18597 2s 6½d
M234Addition and alterations to Westbourne House1903–4standing building£3576 2s 4½d
M235Chancel furnishings, Bridge of Allan Parish Church1903–4extant£179 12s 2d
M236Dineiddwg, Milngavie1903–11partly demolished£34274 13s 0d
M237Design for alterations to Overfield, Strathaven1903unbuilt?£139 15s 0d
M238Additions to Rockland, Largs1903–4standing building£1247 17s 0d
M239Additions and alterations to Arddarroch, Finnart1904–5partly demolished£1818 5s 0d
M240Alterations to Killermont House, Bearsden1904standing building£1404 12s 7½d
M241Additions and alterations to 2 Queen's Crescent1904–5standing building£763 7s 10½d
M242309–313 Sauchiehall Street1903–6standing building£13174 10s 1½d
M243Addition and alterations to Hous'hill1904–5; 1908–10demolished£2659 17s 1d
M244Alterations to Linnburn, Shandon1904standing building£510 18s 7d
M245Design for a hall of residence for Queen Margaret College1904unbuiltunbuilt
M246Design for Students' Union hall for Queen Margaret College1904unbuiltunbuilt
M247Alterations to Woodbourne, Wemyss Bay1904standing building£764 5s 0d
M248Alterations to shop in Mains Street1904untraced£3 12s 6d
M249Memorial seat, Lochranza, Arran1904–5untraced£43 5s 7½d
M250Alterations to Belhaven Mission Hall1904–6demolished£1437 3s 10d
M251Alterations to 229–233 Sauchiehall Street1904–5standing building£1160 0s 0d
M252Alterations to 47–53 Glassford Street1905demolished£193 0s 6d
M253Alterations to Abbey Close United Free Church, Paisley1905–6demolished£519 12s 6½d
M254Auchinibert, Killearn1905–8standing building£4273 11s 8d
M255Gravestone for Rev. Alexander Orrock Johnston, East Wemyss1905–6standing structure£83 0s 0d
M256Morning room mantelpiece for Prospecthill House, Paisley1905not extant£18 0s 3d
M257Alterations to 2 Bowmont Gardens1905–6standing building; interior redeveloped£70 11s 3d
M258Dutch Kitchen, Miss Cranston's Lunch, Tea & Smoking Rooms, Argyle Street1905–6standing building£1130 13s 10d
M259Alteration to 23 Huntly Gardens1905–6standing building; fireplace not extant£17 3s 0d
M260Hutchesons' Girls' Grammar School, medallists' board1906extant£10 10s 0d
M261Addition to Albyn Lodge, Bridge of Allan1906standing building£326 13s 7d
M262Alterations to 6 Florentine Terrace1906demolished£900 (approx)
M263Tenement, Hope Street1906–7; 1910; 1912; 1913standing building£21584 14s 1½d
M264Competition design for the Institute of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland's building1906unbuiltunbuilt
M265Additions and alterations to 4 Woodside Place1906standing building£2637 10s 6½d
M266Addition to 14 Blythswood Square1906–7demolished£241 17s 9d
M267Design for additions and alterations to 9 Grosvenor Terrace1906unbuiltunbuilt
M268Alterations and additions to Lenzie United Free Church1906standing building£1467 3s 4d
M269Alterations to St Philip's United Free Church, Portobello1906–7standing building£264 8s 0d
M270Alterations to 7 Belford Park, Edinburgh1906–7untraced£175 19s 0d
M271Mossyde, Kilmacolm1906–7; 1908–9; 1912–15standing building£2393 7s 4d
M272Parkhead Savings Bank1906–8standing building£14,003 1s 6½d
M273Treeshill, Bridge of Weir1906–7standing building£2110 7s 11d
M274Design for an exhibition stand for Wilkinson Heywood & Clark Ltd1906unknownno data
M275Additions and alterations to the Guild of Aid premises1906–7; 1908–9; 1911demolished£194 13s 1½d
M276Addition to The Moss, Dumgoyne1906–8standing building; addition demolished£1741 6s 6d
M277Additions and alterations to Blairuskin Lodge, Kinlochard1907–8standing building£1526 15s 3½d
M278Alterations to 104 West Regent Street1907standing building£102 1s 9d
M279Wilmar, Skelmorlie1907–8standing building£4751 8s 9d
M280Alterations to 11 Prince's Gardens, Dowanhill1907–8standing building; alterations untraced£376 11s 3d
M281Alterations to the Theatre Royal1907–8standing building£1664 11s 7d
M282Repairs to Kelvinside Academy[1907]standing buildings; repairs untraced£18 10s 0d
M283Alterations to 11 Hamilton Drive1907standing building£99 12s 3d
M284Alterations to Rothesay Parish United Free Church1907–8standing building£2007 18s 10d
M285Alterations to Western Baths1907–8; 1910standing building£2857 12s 10d
M286Alterations to 9 Queen's Gate1907–8standing building£373 3s 7d
M287Alterations to St Silas Church1907–8standing building£235 11s 0d
M288Alterations to the Lady Artists' Club1908standing building£144 14s 4d
M289Memorial to Robert McKechnie in Paisley Abbey1908extant£10 10s 0d
M290Alterations to The Red House, Johnstone1908–9standing building£493 10s 5d
M291Alteration to Warriston, Paisley1908standing building; fireplace not extant£26 18s 3d
M292Tenements, Craigpark Drive, Dennistoun1908–9; 1911–14standing buildingsno data
M293Alterations and addition to Broughton House, Kirkcudbright1909–10standing building£1893 13s 5d
M294Alterations to Kelvinside United Free Church, including Ross Taylor memorial1909standing building; memorial extant£2628 7s 0d
M295Additions and alterations to 3 Woodside Place1909–11standing building£2554 5s 4d
M296Competition design for the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff1909–10unbuiltunbuilt
M297Alterations to 44 West George Street1909–10demolished£54 18s 9d
M298Additions and alterations to 3 Windsor Circus1909–10; 1913–14standing building£507 10s 8d
M299Proposed village, Killearn1909?unbuiltunbuilt
M300Alterations and addition to Apex Motor Engineering Co. Ltd1910demolished£155 12s 10½d
M301Competition design for the Usher Hall, Edinburgh1910unbuiltunbuilt
M302Additions to 1– 5 Queen Street, Partick1910demolished£130 0s 0d
M303Additions to Queen's University, Belfast1910unbuiltunbuilt
M304Design for Robert Rome & Son's premises, West George Street1910unbuilt?unbuilt
M305Designs for a golf club housec. 1910unknownno data
M306Competition design for Pollok Golf Club clubhouse1911unbuiltunbuilt
M307Alterations to 4 Blythswood Square1911standing building; alteredno data
M308Mann family gravestone, East Kilbride cemetery1911standing structure£20 10s 0d
M309Memorial brass1911unknown£17 15s 6d
M310The White Cockade café1911temporary£358 2s 8½d
M311Addition to British Dyewood & Chemical Co., Glasgow1911demolished£1942 7s 10d
M312Glasgow Herald exhibition stand1911temporary£252 15s 3d
M313Alterations to Hengler's Circus, Sauchiehall Street1911removed£141 15s 4d
M314Talwin Morris gravestone, Dumbarton1911standing structure£50 10s 0d
M315Addition and alterations to West Parish Church, Greenock1911–12standing building£4867 1s 3½d
M316Additions to Auchenbothie Mains, Kilmacolm1911–12;1913–14standing building£274 7s 5d
M317Design for a bandstand, the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle1911–12unbuiltunbuilt
M318Alterations to Pitlochry Hydro Hotel1912standing building£179 8s 11d
M319Tenement, Rutherglen Road and Hospital Street1912–14demolished£5832 1s 1d
M320Tenement, Rutherglen Road and Thistle Street1912–14demolished£9334 11s 7d
M321Alterations to 354 Dumbarton Road, Partick1912–13standing building£623 6s 11½d
M322Alterations to 27 Gordon Street1912standing building£140 0s 0d
M323Alterations to hairdressing salon1912standing building; interior alteredno data
M324Additions to 13 St Mungo Street1912–13demolished£55 16s 1d
M325Jordanhill Demonstration School1912–20standing building£28109 6s 10d
M326Alterations to Wellcroft, Helensburgh1913standing building£177 15s 1d
M327Monument in Dunoon Cemetery1913unknown£109 0s 0d
M328Restoration of belfry, Lochwinnoch Auld Kirk1913–14standing building£65 11s 8d
M329Designs for buildings in an arcaded street1915–16 ?unbuiltunbuilt
M330Design for a memorial fountain in a public place1915–16 ?unbuiltunbuilt
M331Designs for street lighting standards1915–16 ?unbuiltunbuilt
M332Design for a war memorial in a public place1915–16 ?unbuiltunbuilt
M333Additions and alterations to 78 Derngate, Northampton1916–17standing buildingno data
M334Design for a monument to Lt Col. Oswald A. G. Fitzgerald, Eastbourne1916unbuiltunbuilt
M335Additions and alterations to a house at Little Hedgecourt, East Grinstead1919–20unbuiltunbuilt
M336Design for an unidentified studio1919unknownno data
M337Design for a studio-house for Arthur Cadogan Blunt, Chelsea, London1920unbuiltunbuilt
M338Studio-house for Harold Squire, Chelsea, London1920–1standing building; alteredno data
M339Design for a block of studios and studio-flats, Chelsea, London1920unbuiltunbuilt
M340Design for conversion of The Mystery House, Chelsea, London1920demolishedunbuilt
M341Design for a building containing studios for Francis Derwent Wood, Chelsea, London1920unbuiltunbuilt
M342Design for a block of studios and possibly studio-flats, Chelsea, London1920unbuiltunbuilt
M343Design for a theatre for Margaret Morris, Chelsea, London1920unbuiltunbuilt
M344Addition and alterations to Leigh Farm Cottages, Ansty1920–1demolishedno data
M345Alterations to studio for Alexander Stuart-Hill, Chelsea, London1920demolishedno data
M346Design for alterations to a garage in Cheyne Walk, Chelseac. 1920unknownno data
M347Unidentified domestic building, Londonc. 1920unknownno data
M348Survey and design for alterations to 29 Tite Street, Chelsea, Londonc. 1920unknownno data
M349Alterations to an unidentified building, St Fillan'sUnknownunknownno data
MX.01Design for a library in a Glasgow house1894unknownno data
MX.02Dining room for Hugo Bruckmann, Munich1898standing building; fittings removedno data
MX.03Interiors for Westdel, 2 Queen's Place1898standing building; fittings removedno data
MX.04Interiors for 120 Mains Street1900standing building; altered; interiors removedno data
MX.05Interiors for Dunglass Castle, Bowling, Dunbartonshire1900standing building; fittings removedno data
MX.06Interiors for 14 Kingsborough Gardens1901standing buildingno data
MX.07Interiors at a house in Cologne, GermanyUnknownunknownno data
MX.08Alterations and additions to Robinsfield, Bardowiec. 1895; c. 1910standing buildingno data
MX.09Competition design for Manchester Library and Art Gallery1911unbuiltunbuilt
MX.10Pinehurst1912–14standing buildingn/a