Tenements, Craigpark Drive, Dennistoun

Description: Block plan
Dimensions: 542 x 868
Scale: 1/2 inch : 10 ft [1 : 240]
Date: 21 July 1908
Drawn by: Office
Medium: pencil, ink and wash
Support: linen
Marks: s. b.: 'Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh / Archts.'; d. and inscr. b.: '4 BLYTHSWOOD SQUARE / GLASGOW 21 JULY 1908.'; inscr. t.r.: 'DRAWING No. 6'; inscr. t.r.: 'On behalf of the Proprietors, the Whitevale Bowling Green Company Limited, / we acknowledge that there is a servitude of light over the area / tinted green in favour of the ground feued to Petitioner R. D. Gray. / Knox & Young / for the Said Company'; inscr. l.: 'On behalf of the Superiors the Trustees of the late Alexander Dennistoun we / acknowledge that there are servitudes of light and ventilation over the / areas tinted blue and brown in favour of the ground feued to the Petitioner / R. D. Gray / [illegible] Kirkwood, Fraser & Co. / for the Dennistoun Trs / 30/7/08.'
Provenance: Glasgow Dean of Guild Court
Collection: Glasgow City Archives Collection
Collection no.: B4/12/2/2256

Where a drawing cannot be ascribed to a specific individual but is known to have been produced by staff of the practice, it has been described as 'Office' drawing.
The following abbreviations are used: s.: signed; inscr.: inscribed; d.: dated; t.: top; b.: bottom; r.: right; l.: left; c.: centre; N.: North; S.: South; E.: East; W.: West; rep.: denotes an inscription which is reproduced, not handwritten.

Photograph of  - drawing no. M292-001

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