Dr Thomas Bryce

University professor

B/W Photograph of Thomas Hastie Bryce

Thomas Hastie Bryce (1862–1946) was Regius Professor of Anatomy at the University of Glasgow and curator of the archaeological and anatomical specimens at its Hunterian Museum from 1909 to 1935. He was awarded an LLD in 1936.

Bryce was born in Dalkeith, near Edinburgh, the son of a physician. He graduated MA (1882), MB (1886) and MD from the University of Edinburgh. He became a demonstrator in anatomy at Queen Margaret College in 1890, working for the lecturer Sir William Turner, and began lecturing in the subject at the University in 1892. He became Regius Professor of Anatomy in 1909, retiring in 1935. He is primarily remembered for his work in the fields of human embryology and comparative anatomy but was also a respected archaeologist who wrote more than 40 reports for the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquities of Scotland. 1 The human skull was of major interest to him. The Hunterian, University of Glasgow holds 14 skulls excavated by him, the majority from Arran. These are mainly Neolithic and from chambered tombs.


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