Hugh R. Buchanan


Hugh Reid Buchanan studied at the High School of Glasgow and Glasgow University, where he graduated MA in 1898. He undertook further studies at Jena and Berlin, and at the time of the 1901 census he was an 'Apprentice at Law' in Glasgow. In 1907 he became lecturer in Civil Law at his old university, and after a period in practice with D. & J. Hill, writers, he was appointed solicitor to the Caledonian Railway in 1909. In 1914 he joined the Glasgow law firm McGrigor, Donald & Co., where he spent the rest of his career, becoming a senior partner. He was elected Dean of the Royal Faculty of Procurators in 1937 and an Assessor on the Court of Glasgow University in 1948. 1


1: Glasgow Herald, 2 October 1958, p. 9.