John Davidson


John Davidson was a joiner, born in Brechin around 1840, who spent most of his working life there. His father, a currier (leather worker), died young and his mother became a vintner, to support the family. The Davidsons apparently relocated in the 1820s and 30s, from Roxburghshire to Arbroath, and then to Brechin. 1

An apprentice slater by 1861, Davidson was still living at home in River Street ten years later. 2 He appeared in local directories from 1877, residing and working in South Esk Street, Brechin, and had a workforce of six men in 1881. 3

In 1875, he won a contract worth 17 18s 0d for slating the new gate lodge at Brechin Cemetery. For the next two decades, he worked steadily in the local area. Projects included several for Brechin-based architect William Fettis, who extended the burgh's board schools at Tenements (now Montrose Street) in 1881, employing Davidson. 4 In 1887, Davidson supplied slaterwork for Brechin Auction Marts Co.'s enlarged livestock market, and the following year, roofed 'a range of dwelling house[s] ... fronting City Road' for David Dakers, manufacturer. 5 Another Fettis design was 'a new villa ... on the glebe lands at Trinity Road', for Messrs Aitken, bakers. 6 For a brief interlude around 1891, Davidson became a farmer at Kilgarie Farm, in nearby Menmuir. 7 However, he soon resumed his old trade, slating Auldbar Schoolhouse (1892), and Brechin Town Council's Trinity Muir slaughterhouse improvements (1893). 8

Davidson stopped advertising in the local directory around 1907, and probably retired, his two children having reached adulthood. 9 His unmarried sisters, working as linen powerloom weavers, still occupied the childhood home in River Street in 1901. 10


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