John Davidson


John Davidson was a joiner, born in Brechin around 1840, who spent most of his working life there. His father, a currier (leather worker), died young and his mother became a vintner, to support the family. The Davidsons apparently relocated in the 1820s and 30s, from Roxburghshire to Arbroath, and then to Brechin. 1

An apprentice slater by 1861, Davidson was still living at home in River Street ten years later. 2 He appeared in local directories from 1877, residing and working in South Esk Street, Brechin, and had a workforce of six men in 1881. 3

In 1875, he won a contract worth £17 18s 0d for slating the new gate lodge at Brechin Cemetery. For the next two decades, he worked steadily in the local area. Projects included several for Brechin-based architect William Fettis, who extended the burgh's board schools at Tenements (now Montrose Street) in 1881, employing Davidson. 4 In 1887, Davidson supplied slaterwork for Brechin Auction Marts Co.'s enlarged livestock market, and the following year, roofed 'a range of dwelling house[s] ... fronting City Road' for David Dakers, manufacturer. 5 Another Fettis design was 'a new villa ... on the glebe lands at Trinity Road', for Messrs Aitken, bakers. 6 For a brief interlude around 1891, Davidson became a farmer at Kilgarie Farm, in nearby Menmuir. 7 However, he soon resumed his old trade, slating Auldbar Schoolhouse (1892), and Brechin Town Council's Trinity Muir slaughterhouse improvements (1893). 8

Davidson stopped advertising in the local directory around 1907, and probably retired, his two children having reached adulthood. 9 His unmarried sisters, working as linen powerloom weavers, still occupied the childhood home in River Street in 1901. 10


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