Dr Henry Dyer

Member of Glasgow School Board

Engineer and education pioneer Henry Dyer (1848–1918) has been the subject of books and conferences both in Scotland and in Japan, where he became first principal of the newly-created Imperial College of Engineering in Tokyo in 1873. He was recommended for the post by Glasgow's Regius Professor of Civil Engineering, Macquorn Rankin, to Japan's future prime minister, Hirobumi Ito. The latter visited Scotland on the 1872 Iwakura Mission to gather information to facilitate the future industrialisation of Japan. However, Dyer was only 24, and had still to sit his engineering finals at Glasgow University: nonetheless, he 'spent the next ten years turning [Imperial College] into the most advanced [engineering] institute in the world'. 1

On his return to Glasgow in 1882, Dyer promoted Imperial College 'as a model for ... technological education in Britain' and supported evening classes for 'the artisan type of student', trying unsuccessfully to have suitable after-hours scientific courses recognised as university-equivalent in 1912. 2 He was a governor of Glasgow & West of Scotland (later Royal) Technical College between 1887 and 1918, of the West of Scotland Agricultural College, of the Glasgow School of Art and served on Glasgow School Board for 27 years, as Chairman from 1914. 3

He also wrote on social matters for progressive bodies such as the Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society; on the future of advanced technical education and on the culture of Japan. 4


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