James Ingleton & Co.


B/W Advertisement for James & Co. Ingleton, 'Glasgow Building Trades Exchange', 1896, p. 224

James Ingleton & Co., plumbers and gasfitters, was founded by Ingleton, a former handloom weaver. He left this declining trade in the 1850s, when he retrained as a master plumber. 1 In 1865, Ingleton took over his previous co-partnership of Ingleton & Phillips, retaining their premises in George Street, Glasgow. 2 He patented improvements to the design of water closets in 1869, and undertook the plumbing for David Thomson's Govan Free Church in 1872. 3 Ingleton died in 1886, and thereafter his business partner James Anderson took over. 4

In the 1900s, the firm advertised as sanitary, ventilating and heating engineers. By 1920, they listed the Mitchell Library, Ochil Hills Sanatorium, Pettigrew & Stephens Department Store and the Royal Technical College, Glasgow among their previous contracts. 5 They also had a speciality in large country houses, including Skipness, Carbisdale and Airthrey Castles, and Craigmaddie, Dargavel and Carfin Houses. 6

James Anderson was chairman of the Glasgow Council for the Registration of Plumbers (a quality assurance scheme) in 1893, and active in judging trade shows and furthering the technical education of apprentices. 7 In 1898, he was convenor of the professional exhibits accompanying the Scottish Plumbing Congress, where his own apprentices won prizes. 8 James Ingleton Junior, and James Cunningham eventually joined the firm, which continued in George Street under various partners until the mid-1960s. 9


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