Sir Archibald Campbell Lawrie


Archibald Campbell Lawrie (1837–1914) was born in Glasgow and studied at Glasgow University, where his father was professor of surgery. 1 He graduated BA in 1856, and was admitted a member of the Faculty of Advocates in 1860. In addition to his work at the bar, he became involved in the study of early Scottish historical records, collaborating with Cosmo Innes (1798–1874) on the publication of an index to The Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland in 1875. From 1873 to 1901 Lawrie served as a judge in Ceylon, where his two-volume Gazetteer of the Central Province of Ceylon was published in 1896 and 1898, before retiring to Scotland with a knighthood. He settled at The Moss, Dumgoyne, the home of his anscestors, and resumed historical research, publishing Early Scottish Charters Prior to AD 1153 in 1905, followed by Annals of the Reigns of Malcolm and William, Kings of Scotland, AD 1153–1214 in 1910.


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