A. McKay & Co.


Angus McKay (born in Caithness c. 1843) first appears in the Glasgow Post Office Directory in 1876 as a cabinetmaker. By 1880, he is described as an 'art furniture maker'. 1 McKay and James Inglis founded McKay & Inglis, 'art furniture makers and upholsterers' around 1882, and were based in St Peter's Lane, in the immediate vicinity of the concentration of architects and builders around Blythswood Square. 2 Their cabinetworks remained there until at least 1910, with occasional showrooms elsewhere. After the partnership ended around 1887, McKay traded on his own account as A. McKay & Co, cabinetmakers, and endured a destructive warehouse fire in 1892, which destroyed the roof, attics and stock worth £2000. 3


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