James McPhie


James Pollock McPhie (1856–1915) was a Glasgow 'glazier, glass merchant, glass stainer and embosser', who in 1900 sold 'glass shades and stands' from branches in Anderston, Great Western Road and (later) Argyle Street. 1 He was born in Ayr, the son of a carver and gilder who died prematurely. His mother married a second time to John Fletcher (1834–1904), a glazier living in the Gorbals. Fletcher began trading independently in the mid-1870s, probably with James and his brother William Cross McPhie (b. 1858) as apprentices. 2

Fletcher and James McPhie became business partners around 1880, with three employees. When McPhie married Agnes Craig Edgar in 1886 the firm was described as 'wreath and glass merchants' at 15 Dumbarton Road. James's brother-in-law, John Edgar, who was not a glazier, later joined the firm as manager. 3

Around 1894, the firm split into 'Fletcher & Sons', and 'James P. McPhie'; McPhie's younger half-brothers, Archibald Pollock (b. 1870) and Robert Thomas Fletcher (b. 1872) ran Fletchers. James' brother, William, worked as a glazier on his own account from around 1892. 4

James Maxwell McPhie (1887–1965) continued his father's business and the firm was still trading from 84 Great Western Road in 1968. 5


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