Grace Paterson

Member of Glasgow School Board

Photograph of lithograph portrait of Grace Paterson

Grace Paterson (1843–1925) was one of the first women to be elected to the Glasgow School Board. She served from 1885 to 1906 on a wide variety of sub-committees, including the property sub-committee during the building of Scotland Street School, and was convenor of the Industrial Classes committee from 1889 to her retirement. In that role she focused particularly on the improvement of sanitary matters and the domestic education of working-class girls. Her School of Cookery, founded in 1878, was closely associated with her work on the School Board. In 1908, following a merger, it became a key part of the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science. 1


1: Jane McDermid, 2007, 'Place the Book in Their Hands: Grace Paterson's Contribution to the Health and Welfare Policies of the School Board of Glasgow, 1885–1906', History of Education, vol. 36 no.6, pp. 697–713.