Old Kilpatrick Parish Board Offices

M077 Old Kilpatrick Parish Board Offices

Address: 631, Dumbarton Road, Clydebank G81 4EU
Date: 1892–4
Client: Old Kilpatrick Parish Board
Authorship: Authorship category 4 (Office) (Office)

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The job books of Honeyman & Keppie (later Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh) are now held by The Hunterian, University of Glasgow and include four volumes related to the Mackintosh period. The books were used by the firm to keep a project-by-project, day-by-day record of contractors, suppliers and expenditure. The name of a project and/or client is usually at the top of the left-hand page, followed by information about tradesmen who tendered. The name of the measurer (quantity surveyor) is usually at the top of the right-hand page, followed by information about payments to contractors and suppliers. All of the data for M000 is entered in the tables below.

Page numbering is not consistent in the job books. Sometimes a single number refers to a double-page spread and sometimes each page is individually numbered. Here, each image of a double-page spread is identified by the number given at the top of the left-hand page. (Images of all of the pages from the four job books can be found at Browse Job Books, Visit Book and Cash Book.)

The following information about M000 has been extracted from the job books:

Job book: 53059
Page: 190
Job book: 53059
Page: 192

Client: Old Kilpartrick Parish Board

Measurer: Duncanson & Henderson


Contractor Type Address Date Value Accepted
David Winton mason Duntocher 1892 488 0s 0d 1 no
William Stewart mason Main Street, Dunctocher 1892 no data in job book 2 yes
(9 November 1892)
Duncan Fraser mason Duntocher 1892 no data in job book no
P & W Anderson mason Bothwell Street, Glasgow 1892 735 4s 3d no
George Barlas mason Ruthven Street, Kelvinside 1892 no data in job book no
John Smilie mason Balshagray Avenue, Partick 1892 no data in job book no
E. C. Morgan & Son mason Elderslie Street 1892 595 19s 7d no
John Leckie & Co. mason Raeberry Street 1892 562 9s 10d 3 no
Robert Baird joiner Dalmuir 1892 298 18s 9d yes
(9 November 1892)
G. & F. Prentice joiner Clydebank 1892 308 18s 0d 4 no
J McWhirter joiner Clydebank 1892 316 18s 10d no
Hutcheson & Grant joiner Glasgow 1892 315 17s 7d no
E C Morgan & Son joiner Glasgow 1892 306 19s 10d no
John Smilie Jr. joiner no data in job book 1892 no data in job book no
John Baxter joiner Catherine Street, Glasgow 1892 345 5s 4d no
James Gilfillan joiner Bowling 1892 319 13s 2d no
William Latto & Son slater Clydebank 1892 35 2s 0d no
Farley & Co. slater Clydebank 1892 31 19s 5d yes
(9 November 1892)
A & D MacKay slater Oswald Street, Glasgow 1892 38 0s 0d no
Tom Black slater Partick 1892 33 8s 1d no
J. M. Grant plumber Clydebank 1892 82 0s 0d no
Stather & Day plumber Bearsden 1892 85 5s 0d no
Alexander Peacock plumber 133 Great Western Road, Glasgow 1892 86 10s 0d no
Moses Spiers & Son plumber Bothwell Street 1892 90 0s 0d no
James Johnstone & Son plumber Renfield Street 1892 77 0s 0d no
William Gaul plumber Dalmuir & Clydebank 1892 69 17s 3d yes
(9 November 1892)
John MacDonald plasterer Kirkintilloch 1892 72 12s 1d no
J. & A. Williamson plasterer Kirkintilloch 1892 69 0s 8d yes
(9 November 1892)
R. A. McGilvray & Ferris plasterer West Regent Street 1892 89 2s 4d no
George Rome & Co. plasterer Waterloo Street 1892 89 0s 0d no
John Orr & Co. painter no data in job book 1892 40 0s 0d no
A. & J. Scott painter no data in job book 1892 39 9s 6d no
John Taylor painter Dalmuir 1892 48 0s 0d no
Leslie Kirk painter Clydebank 1892 34 7s 1d yes
(9 November 1892)
John Robertson painter St Vincent Street 1892 35 17s 6d no
Sellers painter no data in job book 1892 34 8s 0d no

Payments (trades):

Name Type Payment out sum
William Stewart mason Payment date: 1893
553 3s 7d 5
Robert Baird joiner Payment date: 28 December 1893
336 7s 4d 6
Foley & Co. slater Payment date: [1893]
34 17s 0d
William Gaul plumber Payment date: 18 January 1894
78 13s 2d 7
J. & A. Williamson plasterer Payment date: 28 December 1893
54 11s 10d
Leslie Kirk painter Payment date: 18 January 1894
41 7s 8d

Payments (suppliers):

Name Service Payment date Payment sum
George Adam 'Gate & front railing.' 5 October 1893 14 17s 6d 8
George Adam 'Iron door & railing on stair.' 4 November 1893 12 10s 0d 9

Measurer fee payment: 31 6s 0d (18 January 1894)



1: 468 9s 7d is added in above in pencil.

2: 460 0s 0d and 480 0s 0d have been crossed out.

3: 539 15s 1d is entered below.

4: 323 1s 9d is crossed out.

5: 537 19s 2d for 'main building alterations & additions to d[itt]o with washing ho & boundary walls', and 15 4s 5d for 'granite paving'.

6: 'including alterations at windows and new washing ho.'

7: 67 4s 1d for 'main building' and 11 9s 1d for 'washing ho & Alterations'.

8: 'as per offer'.

9: 'As per offer'.