Alterations to Rothesay Parish United Free Church

M284 Alterations to Rothesay Parish United Free Church

Address: Castle Street, Rothesay, Isle of Bute PA20 9HA
Date: 1907–8
Client: Rothesay Parish United Free Church
Authorship: Authorship category 4 (Office) (Office)

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The job books of Honeyman & Keppie (later Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh) are now held by The Hunterian, University of Glasgow and include four volumes related to the Mackintosh period. The books were used by the firm to keep a project-by-project, day-by-day record of contractors, suppliers and expenditure. The name of a project and/or client is usually at the top of the left-hand page, followed by information about tradesmen who tendered. The name of the measurer (quantity surveyor) is usually at the top of the right-hand page, followed by information about payments to contractors and suppliers. All of the data for M000 is entered in the tables below.

Page numbering is not consistent in the job books. Sometimes a single number refers to a double-page spread and sometimes each page is individually numbered. Here, each image of a double-page spread is identified by the number given at the top of the left-hand page. (Images of all of the pages from the four job books can be found at Browse Job Books, Visit Book and Cash Book.)

The following information about M000 has been extracted from the job books:

Job book: 53062
Page: 171
Job book: 53062
Page: 172

Client: Rothesay Parish United Free Church

Measurer: Douglas, Hunter & Whitson


Contractor Type Address Date Value Accepted
James Duncan mason 27 Columshill Street 1907 296 4s 8d yes
(21 December 1907)
John McCord mason Craigielea, Ardbeg Road 1907 397 5s 8d no
John McCallum & Son joiner 50 High Street 1907 1321 13s 3d yes
A. Dodds & Son joiner 4 Colbeck Place 1907 1329 4s 4d no
Alex R. Peacock plumber 23 High Street 1907 24 0s 0d no
Daniel Cunningham plumber 3 Bridge Street 1907 22 3s 0d yes
(21 December 1907)
James Miller & Son slater Columshill Street 1907 107 8s 0d no
W. M. Leckie slater Bridge Street 1907 115 6s 0d no
Robert Paterson slater 24 Argyle Street 1907 107 10s 3d no
James Hyndman slater 28 Montague Street 1907 84 6s 0d yes
(21 December 1907)
Matthew Duncan & Co plasterer Ladeside Street 1907 28 6s 7d no
John McQuistan plasterer John Street 1907 27 4s 5d no
John Jamieson plasterer 18 Russell Street 1907 24 13s 11d yes
(21 December 1907)
W. & J. Stewart painter no data in job book 1908 146 4s 0d 1 yes
(17 April 1908)
D. C. Murray painter no data in job book 1908 195 9s 2d 2 no
Dugald McFie painter no data in job book 1908 223 6s 1d no
John McNab gasfitting no data in job book 1908 13 19s 0d no
Edward McTavish gasfitting no data in job book 1908 12 10s 9d yes
(17 April 1908)
C. Kippen steeplejack no data in job book 30 July 1908 23 11s 3d yes
George Adam & Son ironwork no data in job book 30 July 1908 8 15s 0d yes

Payments (trades):

Name Type Payment out sum
James Duncan mason First installment: 13 March 1908
Final installment: 28 October 1908
277 13s 3d 3
John McCallum & Son joiner First installment: 16 April 1908
Final installment: 22 January 1909
1336 2s 5d 4
Daniel Cunningham plumber First installment: 27 May 1908
Final installment: 29 August 1908
30 15s 4d 5
James Hyndman slater First installment: 23 April 1908
Final installment: 3 August 1908
67 7s 0d 6
John Jamieson plasterer First installment: 11 June 1908
Final installment: no data in job book
14 15s 9d 7
W. & J. Stewart painter First installment: 17 June 1908
Final installment: 13 November 1908
151 10s 1d 8
Edward McTavish gasfitting Payment date: no data in job book
15 15s 5d
C. Kippen steeplejack Payment date: 1908
40 0s 0d
George Adam & Son ironwork Payment date: 20 October 1908
12 5s 0d 9

Payments (suppliers):

Name Service Payment date Payment sum
James Symington 'Covering tip of spire with copper' 13 November 1908 7 2s 0d
John Cochrane 'Teak top of spire' 22 January 1909 2 3s 7d

Measurer fee payment: 52 9s 0d (22 January [1909])



1: Original tender 150 4s 0d, less 12 for scaffolding.

2: Original tender 205 9s 2d, less 10 for scaffolding.

3: Half measurer's fee: 3 18s 9d.

4: Half measurer's fee: 17 5s 0d.

5: Half measurer's fee: 10s 6d.

6: Half measurer's fee: 1 6s 3d.

7: Half measurer's fee: 5s 3d.

8: Half measurer's fee: 2 12s 6d.

9: For 'finial with alterations & extra straps'.