Additions and alterations to 4 Woodside Place

M265 Additions and alterations to 4 Woodside Place

Address: 4, Woodside Place, Glasgow G3 7QF
Date: 1906
Client: Dr James H. Nicoll
Authorship: Authorship category 4 (Office) (Office)

A two-storey building was added at the lane to the rear (S.) of 4 Woodside Place in 1906. The addition was joined to the main house by a narrow corridor, glazed on its E. side overlooking an internal courtyard. Its first-floor was connected to the ground floor of the house.

The modest building has a red brick facade to the lane, while walls facing the courtyard are white glazed brick. The roof is constructed of a single pitch to the lane and two cross gables facing the courtyard.

The windows of the link corridor on each floor were originally a band of leaded casements. The disposition of the windows here has been altered, particularly on the ground floor. However, similar glazing of the link corridor at the neighbouring property, 3 Woodside Place, which Honeyman, Keppie & Mackintosh worked on for Dr Thomas Kay in 1909 survives. Decorative, curvilinear wrought-iron grilles protecting the first-floor windows on the lane are listed in the job-book entry as the work of George Adam & Son and also appear in the drawings. These seem to have survived in situ.

The rooms on the first floor of the addition supplemented Dr James Henderson Nicoll's private surgery on the ground floor of the main house. A washhouse and laundry facilities were provided on the ground floor of the addition. According to the drawings, one of the large first-floor rooms facing the lane, labelled 'consulting room', had panelling to dado height. This has not been retained and decorative and some structural alterations have been made internally. The ground floor was remodelled in 1994 to serve as a garage: a massive concrete lintel was inserted for the garage door.

The practice supervised additional, very minor alterations in the kitchen in 1910.