Additions and alterations to Altskeith, Kinlochard

M135 Additions and alterations to Altskeith, Kinlochard

Address: Lochard Road, Kinlochard FK8 3TL
Date: 1896–9
Client: E. Walter Joynson
Authorship: Authorship category 4 (Office) (Office)

Altskeith is one of two houses at Loch Ard altered by John Honeyman & Keppie during the 1890s for members of the Joynson family. The other is The Glassert. Prior to the additions and alterations made in 1896–9, Altskeith was a modest, symmetrical two-storey roughcast house, and sometime inn, with pitched slated roof, a canted-bay window to the front and attached single-storey outbuilding, probably built in the 18th century. Stone urns embellished the roofline and the porch.

B/W photograph of Altskeith prior to work by Honeyman & Keppie

The job-book entry shows that initally E. Walter Joynson, owner of The Glassert, commissioned work at Altskeith. Undated tenders for 'artificer work' were submitted but no payments were made; presumably no work was carried out. 1 In December 1896, Hutcheson & Grant tenders were accepted for various types of work. By this time, the client recorded in the job book was R. A. Joynson, probably E. Walter's brother, Richard. 2

No drawings or records revealing the precise details of the building work or its schedule have been discovered. Honeyman & Keppie enlarged the house considerably. A two-bay, two-storey building was added at the W. end, replacing the earlier single-storey room. At the front (S.) the addition has an assymetrical double gable set perpendicular to the earlier gable end of the house and supported on a sandstone Roman Doric column to create a recessed porch. At the W. there is a single gable with canted bay window on the ground floor. The walls are roughcast and limewashed rubble with ashlar sandstone margins and a moulded sandstone stringcourse. Matching ashlar sandstone window dressings appear to have been added to the old part of the house at the same time – at least they are not visible in the earlier photograph. Inside, the 1896 addition comprises a wide hall with stairs and two large rooms on the ground floor and bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor.

Colour photograph of Altskeith following work by Honeyman & KeppieColour photograph of S. elevation, Honeyman & Keppie additionColour photograph of W. elevation, Honeyman & Keppie addition

A flat-roofed single-storey structure in matching materials was added at the rear at a later date. A conservatory was added to the W. elevation before 2002. Few original features survive inside following the conversion to a holiday home before 2002. 3

Colour photograph of N. elevation, Honeyman & Keppie addition


1: The chronology of the job book suggests that these tenders date to 1896.

2: P. W. Gaddum, Henry Theodore Gaddum: His Forebears and His Family, Manchester: privately printed, 1973, p. 78; an abridged family tree of the Joynsons and interrelated families from Cheshire and Lancashire who lived and holidayed at Loch Ard is given.

3: Information supplied by current owners (since 2002), on visit on 18 May 2011.