Timeline - Introductory Text

This timeline gives an overview of Mackintosh's architectural projects and of the work that was undertaken by the practice during the Mackintosh years from 1889–1913. It aims to show the range of work that was carried out at any one time, and the varying volume of work over the decades. Office locations and employees are included. Lifetime events for Mackintosh can be accessed by clicking on the year at the top of each column. Student designs a total of seven in all between 1888 and 1892 have been included in the lifetime events.

Start and finish dates for projects have been allocated in year quarters based on the earliest and last documented dates for practical work on a project, broadly from instruction/design to contractor completion. These dates are indicative only as the available information is incomplete; it comprises mainly submissions to the Dean of Guild, payments by the office, and final inspections. Work will certainly have started in the office before Dean of Guild approval was secured, and work on site may well have finished before final payments were processed or final inspection undertaken. Some interpolation has therefore been necessary. More detailed information is contained within the chronology and job-book entries for each project.

Where no detailed information was available, it has been assumed that memorials were worked on over a six-month period following date of death.

The following projects have been excluded from the timeline as there is currently insufficient information to provide meaningful entries:

  • M119 Design for an unidentified church, c. 1895
  • M120 Design for an unidentified house, c. 1895
  • M178 Design for a country mansion, c. 18991900
  • M192 Design for an unidentified church, c. 19002
  • M305 Designs for a golf club house, c. 1910
  • M346 Design for alterations to a garage in Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London, c. 1920
  • M348 Survey and designs for alterations to 29 Tite Street, Chelsea, London, c. 1920
  • M349 Alterations to an unidentified building, St Fillan's, Perthshire, date unknown